Our services

We take care of your studies - whether quantitative or qualitative - reliable and attentive.

With us, you have a single, method-safe contact, who is always available for you and competently supervises your studies. And not only in classical test studio / CLT settings, but also in all types of surveys outside the studio (in-home, POS, mobile ethnography...).

As your lead agency, we secure the field quality of your projects also on a national or international level.

Benefit from our many years of experience in the qualitative and quantitative area as well as our network within the framework of "FieldPlus". Book services around the field - flexible and modular - to expand your portfolio or compensate capacity bottlenecks. No matter if moderation, method consulting or complete reporting - we support you precisely to the extent that is required or desired by you. Should we not be able to help, we will provide you with the right contact.

Remote research methods

We have been using the methods of digital qualitative and quantitative market research for years. You can benefit from our rich experience if you are forced to switch to remote methods suddenly or in large numbers because of the coronavirus.

We can support you and take over parts of or entire projects for you.

Our experience and available equipment includes
- Telephone IDIs and Video IDIs ("Zoom interviews")
- Online focus groups
- Online communities / discussion boards / forums
- mobile ethnography
- projects via messenger
- quantitative online
- social media research / social listening

We can take over for you according to your needs:
- Recruitment and/or
- Provision of the platform and/or
- scripting and/or
- Administration and/or
- Moderation and/or
- Analysis

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CLT Test facility Hamburg

We operate our own test CLT facility in Hamburg. In other cities (e.g. Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne, Essen, Dresden, Stuttgart...) we use the facilities of our long-standing partners.

6 closed, fully air-conditioned test stations
2 fully air-conditioned FGD-units, can be used individually or combined
Virtual Reality (VR) / Augmented Reality (AR)
Premises and catering with a special touch
Wifi in all rooms
Full air conditioning of the entire facility
Livestreaming (Webstream or FocusVision)
Test kitchen / living kitchen with one-way mirror
Interpreter technology

Recruitment and fieldwork

High quality recruitmentB2C and B2B nationwide from own address lists or by list

Remote/online methods
Online focus groups
Online communities
Home-Use Tests as iHUT (Online) including shipping of test materials
(Mobile) Ethnography
Telephone or video IDIs

Individual methods, qualitative and quantitative
Face-to-face interviews, also via Skype
In depth interviews (IDIs)
shelf tests
in-home surveys
Home Visits
Accompanied shopping ("AST")

Qualitative and quantitative methods with groups
Focus group discussions & workshops
Gang Surveys
Design thinking / co-creation / creative workshops
Implementation of your studies in event locations
Mobile focusgroup discussion unit

Surveys on site (nationwide)
POS, trade fair and event surveys
Address collection campaigns at festivals, sporting events, etc.


Consulting Services, Lead Agency Service in Germany and internationally

Permanent team of moderators

Alaysis, creation of reports, summaries

Nationwide coordination & implementation
In our partner network we cover all important places in Germany. Thanks to our many years of experience and partnership, we can also guarantee the usual "Schöttmer quality" here. You have only one contact partner - us.

International coordination & implementation
With a focus on the following regions in particular:
Europe Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland
North Africa Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan
Asia / Pacific
China, Hong Kong, India, Iran
North America
Canada, USA
South America Brazil, Colombia

Seminar and meeting rooms

3 units of different sizes for seminars and meetings from 2 to 20 people

"Pure space" or modularly bookable additional services:
Catering, presentation case, movable walls, presentation technology, and much more.

Friendly, bright and quiet rooms
Always with air conditioning and a smile from our friendly staff

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