Our rooms

modern and flexible

Atmosphere and flexibility

We can set up our two qualitative units individually for you: classic or cosy - formal or inspiring - as you wish!

Whether you need conference seating or a cosy couch corner with a fireplace, a dining room, a children's play room or a "creative room" for Design Thinking & workshops, we offer you a maximum of flexibility! For individual talks on classic groups to gauging surveys. You can also combine both units, as an additional customer lounge, as a kitchen or for simultaneous groups ...

Live cooking for research and development purposes!

5 ovens, 5 microwaves, 5 cooking units, 5 ice cabinets, 5 steamer - Parallel in a directly observable space? We even offer you two room units, which are usable individually or connected and easily can be equipped with kitchen technology for your project.

Be it as regular kitchen or as a living kitchen - perhaps in conjunction with a regular Focus Group Unit, in which the dishes will be tasted? Both units have their own client lounges with one-way mirror, so you can observe everything directly. No matter if the subjects cook themselves or “be cooked” by your expert chefs.

Daily rental

Seminar, conference and meeting rooms

You can rent our central and bright rooms by the day. We offer seminar, conference and meeting rooms in various sizes. Our rooms are located in the best position in the Mönckebergstraße between town hall and central station. We are located in a modernized Hanseatic merchant's house. We offer you state-of-the-art equipment in a pleasant atmosphere. In all arrangements, internet access via WiFi, notepads and pens are included.

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