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Our experience and available equipment supports your

- Telephone IDIs and Video IDIs ("Skype Interviews")
- Online focus groups
- Online communities / discussion boards / forums
- mobile ethnography
- Research via Messenger
- Quantitative online
- Social media research / Social listening

Depending on your needs, we can take over modularly for you:

- Recruitment
- Provision of the platform
- Programming
- Administration
- Presentation
- Analysis

Remote- and Onlinemethods

We have been using the methods of digital qualitative and quantitative market research for years. You can benefit from our wealth of experience if you are forced to switch to remote methods suddenly or in large numbers because of the corona virus.

We can support you and take over parts of or entire projects for you. We currently work in split teams, partly in the home office, so that operations can always be guaranteed. Since we have been practicing remote work in the institute for years, our processes are well established and proven. This also includes our internal recruiting department.






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We will be happy to advise you:

phone: +49 (0)40 309662-0

Stephan Schmid,
Saloumeh Odendahl,

News (10/01/22):

  • The test facility is open.
  • Individual interviews and focus group discussions with up to 6 participants + moderator take place again.
  • Clients as well as staff members must wear FFP2 masks when leaving their fixed place.
  • Focus group discussions will only take place with fully vaccinated, tested or recovered people.

Stephan Schmid
Unit Director Schöttmer Research HUB

phone: 040/309662-36

Hygiene and safety concept in the CLT /Focus Group Facility Hamburg (updated: 01.06.21)

Project management / Organizational measures

  • Currently, focus group discussions are held with a maximum of 6 participants + moderator. All participants must be vaccinated, tested or recovered. The same applies to the studio staff.
  • Events do not start and end at the same time / no simultaneous check-in / check-out.
  • Participants with COVID-19 symptoms are not allowed to enter the test studio.
    It is recorded who has been in the institute and when, in order to be able to trace infection chains if necessary. We also use the LUCA app for this purpose.
  • Observers preferred via stream
  • Corona-compliant catering, i.e. on individual plates, no shared thermos flasks, bottles or similar.


  • Our staff members and visitors / participants wear medical masks when not on their dedicated place. Visitors may also be provided with a mask on request.
  • It goes without saying that our staff regularly disinfect their hands and do not shake hands.
  • Dispensers for hand disinfectant are openly accessible in the Institute.
  • A personal distance of at least 1.5 m is ensured throughout the Institute (including in the discussion/IDI rooms).
  • Sufficient liquid soap dispensers and disposable towels are provided in all toilet rooms and are replenished regularly.
  • Notices with hygiene and distance rules.
  • Spit guards at reception and in interview rooms Regular disinfection of door handles, counters and table surfaces or washrooms before and after events.
  • Regular and proper ventilation.
  • HEPA filter system available
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